As the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh continues to escalate, more awareness is now being spread by both international media outlets and world leaders. Azerbaijan continues to violate human rights by actively bombing Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh’s capital. This has resulted in many civilian casualties and extensive damage to infrastructure, garnering the attention of the international community.

  • During a press conference on October 14, the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs of Armenia Zareh Sinanyan reported that Turkey has blocked 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Armenia traveling from the United States. The only available flight would have transported it through Turkish airspace. Sinanyan also added that over the period of this Nagorno-Karabakh conflict nearly 700 tons of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Armenia from different countries – Russia, the USA, France, Ukraine, European countries, Javakhk, Tbilisi.
  • On October 15, a video of two Armenian prisoners of war being humiliated and brutally killed surged on Azerbaijani social media. The killing and filming of the war prisoners is a violation of the Geneva Convention. Soon after, the Azerbaijani MoD denied being responsible for the video content and the footage started to slowly disappear from social media. The Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia managed to gather all necessary evidence and is sending it to the relevant international organizations.
  • On October 15, The Armenian government released a statement strongly denying Azerbaijani accusations trying to provoke aggression towards Armenians. The accusation by Azerbaijan’s State Security Service is in regard to a potential terrorist threat in Baku, and more likely indicates a loss of control of the Syrian jihadists that Turkey sent to Azerbaijan to attack Armenia. It is worth noting that there are complaints from Azerbaijani civilians on social media regarding the Syrian jihadist groups currently fighting for Azerbaijan against Armenia. And as proved today, these Syrian terrorists are already out of Azerbaijan’s control and have already been caught preparing terrorist attacks in Russia.
  • Reuters reports that Turkey’s military exports to its ally Azerbaijan have risen six-fold in 2020. There was a marked increase, from under $300,000 in July to nearly $80 million in September, just before Azerbaijan launched its first attack on Artsakh, according to exports data. This is another proof that Azerbaijan had thoroughly planned and prepared for the attack on Nagorno-Karabakh in the months leading up to the attack, with Turkey’s help.
  • During his interview with France 24 journalist, Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev mentioned that the attacks on the 19th-century Armenian Cathedral in Shushi, Artsakh, were likely a “mistake”. Two Russian journalists were injured in this attack on October 8. There were two strikes that hit the exact same spot in a “double-tap” attack. On the day of the attack, the Azerbaijani government denied all claims regarding the shelling of the Cathedral. However, after proof of the strikes became overwhelming, Aliyev finally admitted to them and claimed they might have been a mistake.
  • Addressing the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, France and Germany accused Turkey on Thursday of continuing to provoke the European Union with its actions in the eastern Mediterranean and gave it a week to clarify its positions. The bloc said it would review the possibility of sanctions on Turkey at a European summit in December. “It’s clear to us that Turkey is permanently carrying out provocative acts which are unacceptable,” France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told a news conference alongside his German and Polish counterparts.
  • The Austrian Parliament has unanimously adopted a proposal/motion condemning the Turkish military intervention in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and arms supply to Azerbaijan. The motion also pointed out Austria’s and EU’s efforts towards the immediate ceasefire and proposed to hold peace talks in Vienna.
  • According to the Human Rights Defender of Artsakh, Artak Beglaryan, on October 15, despite the announced ceasefire, Azerbaijan launched a heavy rocket attack on civilian infrastructure and residential neighborhoods of Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh. No data on the casualties has been reported as of now, but the shelling is ongoing.
  • In the afternoon of October 14, the Minister of Defense of Armenia reports that the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have targeted hospitals in Artsakh where civilians also receive medical treatment. During the day, there has been more shelling in the town of Martuni, their artillery hit a local kindergarten. These are violations of the humanitarian ceasefire and gross violation of international humanitarian law.
  •  The Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris both issued separate statements on the escalating military conflict in Karabakh. In his statement, Joe Biden particularly said, “I am deeply concerned by the collapse of the October 10 ceasefire and the resumption of fighting in and around Nagorno-Karabakh.” Biden also added that the Trump Administration must tell Azerbaijan that it will not tolerate its efforts to impose a military solution to this conflict.
  • On October 14, Azerbaijan targeted the territory of the Republic of Armenia adjacent to the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. The attack was made on sheer assumptions that the military equipment, which were on exercise on the Armenian soil, “intended” to start fire towards Azerbaijan. As a result of Azerbaijan’s unprovoked aggression on the territory of Armenia, a 14-year-old teen was wounded.
  • In his second Interim Report on the Azerbaijani Atrocities against the Artsakh Population in September – October 2020, the Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh Artak Beglaryan reported that as of October 12, 2020, 31 civilians were killed, including 1 child, and 106 civilians were wounded by the Azerbaijani aggression against the Artsakh population.
  • The Minister of Defense of Armenia reports that the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have targeted hospitals in Artsakh where civilians also receive medical treatment. This is a violation of humanitarian ceasefire and gross violation of international  humanitarian law.
  • Azerbaijani peace activists Narmin Shahmarzade and Giyas Ibrahimov have been called to the Prosecutor’s Office for questioning. They were told that though there is “freedom of speech”, the views they express publicly can “result in something more serious against the state’s interests.”
    The two were among hundreds of signatories of a statement calling for peace from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and around the world. Ibrahimov was previously detained briefly in the initial days of the war for ‘criticising an anchor on public TV’. The two activists also have received harassment statements, as well as threats to their lives. 
  • After the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the member states of EU, the FM of Greece made a statement, calling Turkey the destabilizer of the region, the violator of peace, and the root of all middle east and Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh conflicts. Earlier, it was also reported by Jerusalem Post that Turkey has been using NAVTEX, a naval warning announcement, to force its navy into Greek waters or off the coast of Greek islands under the guise of “research.”
  • Azerbaijan’s MOD has published a video “they filmed in captured Hadrut.” But analysis by a Russia-based verification team claims the video is actually filmed in a neighbouring village, Tagaser. The analysts suggest that some parts of the video might be recorded during Hadrut’s militant invasion of Azerbaijani forces two days ago. The publishing of the video comes after Ilham Aliyev’s unfounded claims that Hadrut had been successfully captured by Azerbaijani Army, which the Ministry of Defense of Artsakh immediately denied.
  • The IAI Harop drone made by Israel, commonly referred to as “kamikadze”, was shot down by Iran’s air defense forces. The drone reportedly entered the territory of Iran from Azerbaijan, showing Azerbaijan’s careless attitude toward the Iranian territorial integrity.
  • During a phone call with his Turkish colleague Hulusi Akar, the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu has expressed his concerns over reports of deployment of mercenaries from Middle Eastern terrorist groups to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. According to an official statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense is making efforts to help stabilize the situation on the ground and cease hostilities immediately, TASS reported on Tuesday.
  • The National managed to talk to a Syrian fighter from the Sultan Murad Brigade currently in Azerbaijan. The National reveals that army officers order Syrians to attack, while Azerbaijani troops, who were supposed to be fighting with them, “are kilometres behind us.” “The Turks put us in such a position that we can’t any more escape from here,” said Ibrahim, who accepted the job to support his family.
  • The General Prosecutor of Azerbaijan accuses the WarGonzo blogger Semyon Pegov of “illegally crossing” the border of Nagorno-Karabakh, openly supporting terrorism, and calling for anti-state acts. These accusations came after he showed a video of himself in Hadrut with the Artsakh Defense Army, dismissing the statement of Ilham Aliyev that Azeri troops had captured the town. Azerbaijani people have also openly threatened and demanded Pegov’s death for his “pro-Armenian” coverage.
  • The government of Azerbaijan is getting increasingly worried as people in Baku start protesting about the classified losses in the Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh conflict. People demand for the numbers to be revealed, as they don’t believe that the statement by the president, claiming their losses are less than the Armenian ones, is legitimate. The government’s silence combined with harsher propaganda start to seem more like a cover for their military losses.
  • Despite numerous warnings, Azerbaijan keeps targeting civilian population and infrastructure in an aggressive manner. According to the Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh, as of October 9, 20 civilians have been killed and 101 injured since the attacks started on September 27. All attacks on civilians were pre-planned and targeted.
  • Azerbaijani army has repeatedly violated the humanitarian ceasefire announced a day ago. During the night, the army kept shelling not only the capital Stepanakert, but also Shushi, Martuni and many other villages. Civilians had to spend the night in shelters. Houses and other properties were severely damaged. #CeaseAzeriFire
  • According to the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, under the guise of humanitarian cargo, a significant number of attack UAVs are being supplied to Azerbaijan from Turkey and Israel.
  • The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia reports that before the announcement of the humanitarian ceasefire, Azerbaijan attempted a subversive-intelligence infiltration in the direction of Hadrut. Russian military journalists from WarGonzo report that the adversary is assumed to be part of a foreign army, possibly Turkish Special Forces. The attempt came after Ilham Aliyev’s announcement on Oct 9, 2020, about having captured the Hadrut region. However, president Aliyev’s statement was immediately officially denied by the Ministry of Defense of Armenia as well as by reporters from WarGonzo, who were physically in the Hadrut area.
  • After 11 hours of negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a humanitarian ceasefire was confirmed to start at 12:00 local time. Leading up to the ceasefire, Azerbaijan ramped up its shelling on Armenian civilian targets. At 12:00 it stopped. But the ceasefire lasted only about an hour before Azerbaijan launched attacks on the Southern province of Armenia proper, capital Stepanakert of Artsakh, and Hadrut
  • Less than 2 hours before the ceasefire between Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and Azerbaijan takes effect, the Azerbaijani army launches drone strikes towards the territory of the Republic of Armenia.
  • The Staff of the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Artsakh got concrete information that the Azerbaijani subversive group which entered Hadrut town in the morning killed 2 civilians in their home – the mother and her son with a disability.
  • CNN held an interview with the president of Azerbaijan, where he was asked about the presence of Turkish F-16s in their territory. The president confirmed they are in the base. The statement of the president contradicts the one made by his assistant Hikmat Hajiyev a day before, where he claimed there were no F-16 fighter-jets on their soil.
  • The Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh published a document, where it’s clearly seen that under the authoritarian regime of the Aliyev clan there has been a rise in Armenophobia across Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, the situation is not only in politics but also among the people of Azerbaijan and the educational system.
  • Recently there have been thousands of pages created by Azerbaijani people trying to spread national propaganda across Facebook and Instagram. Facebook removed 589 Facebook accounts, 7,906 Pages and 447 accounts on Instagram, which were used to boost pro-government activities. These accounts even attacked influential people like Cardi B and Elton John, threatening and forcing them to remove their posts. Facebook cited these as “coordinated inauthentic behavior”Second bombing happened a few hours later, when there were journalists to report about the shelling. Russian and local reporters were injured.
  • Swiss politician is boycotting the gas stations of a partner of the large Azerbaijani oil company SOCAR, as it is promoting war. Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, has been criticized for joint gas stations with SOCAR, as the oil company has been waging an overt military campaign on the Internet.
    Stefan Müller-Altermatt boycotted the company, stating: “Migros does business with those who provoked the war.”Second bombing happened a few hours later, when there were journalists to report about the shelling. Russian and local reporters were injured.
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reached an agreement with the leader of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to involve new terrorist groups in the war against Artsakh, Spokesperson for the Artsakh President Vahram Poghosyan says, citing intelligence data.Second bombing happened a few hours later, when there were journalists to report about the shelling. Russian and local reporters were injured.
  • The Party for Freedom (Dutch: Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) leader Geert Wilders received a letter from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Netherlands that qualified his messages as racial and openly pro-Armenian. Despite the letter he continues to “support his Armenian Christian friends against the violent islamic barbarism of Azerbaijan.” Earlier this week it was reported that number of European politicians and public figures have received hate speech or even become persona-non-grata for speaking against the aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey.
  • The City Council of Geneva City just adopted a Resolution (49 yes, 18 abstentions, 2 no) condemning the military aggression of Azerbaijan, recognizing the right of the Armenians from Karabagh to self-determination, and demanding from the federal government to freeze the assets of the Aliyev family in Switzerland.
  • More proof of Turkey’s involvement exposed. Satellite images of the Ganja airport in Azerbaijan show Turkish F-16 fighter jets are indeed in the country. Previously, governments of both countries have denied it. Source: NYTimes investigation. 
  • Reporters accuse Hikmet Hajiyev of spreading misinformation yet again. He published a destroyed Israeli Harop kamikaze drone, which Azerbaijan acquired from Israel Aerospace Industries years ago, and presented it as Armenian, claiming that Azerbaijan’s army ‘successfully destroyed it.’ Armenia does not buy arms from Israel.

Earlier this week

  • Assistant to president of Azerbaijan, Hikmet Hajiyev yet again tweets about mysterious bombings carried out by Armenia towards the BTC pipeline. This time he accuses Armenia of using cluster bombs. Not only did Armenia officially state that it doesn’t target the pipeline, but what is more noteworthy is that Armenia does not have cluster bombs in its arsenal, only Azerbaijan does. Moreover, the bomblets they show as proof are identical to their own Israeli-made M095 DPICM cluster munitions.
  • President Vladimir Putin has reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to obligations it has undertaken within the Collective Security Treaty Organizations to help Armenia if imminent threat by Azerbaijan continues to the territory of Armenia proper.
  • Mr President, I do not want to distract from the coronavirus. But I think it is more dangerous to health to attack a peaceful, democratic community and to shell its residential areas with cluster munitions,” – Martin Sonneborn welcomed Artsakh and condemned Azerbaijani aggression in the EU parliament during his speech.
  • Azerbaijan has been practicing a complete and utter media censorship for 10 days now. Their population is under total information blackout and the government is restricting their entire social platforms and internet. Their Youtube traffic has abruptly vanished within the past 10 days.
  • While Aliyev in his interview with Al Jazeera announces that Azerbaijan welcomes Armenians living in Artsakh to live together, Azerbaijani “Smerch” rocket explodes near the Red Cross in Stepanakert after a series of explosions in Artsakh on October 6th, reported by RT reporter Murad Gazdiev and Komsomolskaya Pravda reporter Aleksandr Kots.
  • Canada has suspended all military export permits to Turkey due to concerns centered around human rights violations. Foreign affairs minister Francois-Philippe Champagne has stated: “Canada continues to be concerned by the ongoing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh resulting in shelling of communities and civilian casualties.”
Canada Suspends Export to Turkey
  • RT correspondent Murad Gadziev reports that Syrian al Nusra jihadists are now being deployed to Karabakh to fight for Azerbaijan – head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Agency informed. Nusra, also known as Al Qaeda in Syria, is the dominant rebel faction in Idlib, and second only to ISIS in infamy.
  • Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti says LA is proud to be home to the largest Armenian diaspora and condemns the violence visited upon Artsakh and Armenia by Azerbaijan.
  • On October 6th, the Armenian Ministry of Defense made an official announcement that no fire was launched at Azerbaijan from the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The MoD has also stated that all allegations stating otherwise, especially from the side of Azerbaijan, are intentional lies.
No Fire Was Launhed From Territory of Armenia

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